The Daily Gazette, Friday, January 23. 1880; page 4;

Another Mysterious Death in Yorkshire

On Thursday an inquest was opened at the Black Swan Hotel, before Mr Arthur Wood, coroner, on the body of Maria Gray, aged 16, who arrived in a semi-conscious state at Pickering on Tuesday night, and died on Wednesday afternoon. She had been living as servant at Mr David Haw’s, The Downe Arms at Wykeham, and left there on Tuesday, but a what hour or in what state there was no evidence to prove.

The Coroner instructed Superintendent Spence to go to Wykeham and make the fullest investigation on these points.

Jas. Garrbutt, porter, spoke to assisting the deceased out of the train. She said they had given her some spirits at Wykeham. He made out her parents and she was assisted home.

The Coroner said a post-mortem examination was being made by Dr. Walker, and her proposed to adjourn the inquest for further evidence.

The enquiry was then adjourned until next Friday.

Names included in article - (bold are names in our family history):

  1. Arthur Wood
  2. Maria Gray
  3. David Haws
  4. Superintendent Spence
  5. Jas Garrbutt
  6. Dr Walker

Places included in article (bold are places in our family history):

  1. Black Swan Hotel, Pickering
  2. Pickering
  3. Downe Arms, Wykeham